Granite Countertops

granite countertops

Are you looking for the unique beauty and durability of granite countertops? Ensure your satisfaction with a quality job at an affordable price from the experienced professionals at Artisan Stoneworks. With more than 30 years of experience, we work with manufacturers such as OHM International, K2 International, and Earthstone to get you the best prices on quality granite.

Whether you are looking for bathroom countertops or fireplace surrounds, come see us about which type of stone is right for your project! WE are proud to install granite countertops in Princeton, Lawrenceville NJ, Yardley PA and surrounding areas.

Granite Countertops

  • Natural surface

  • Heat and damage-resistant

  • Sanitary as it won't absorb bacteria

  • Low maintenance

  • Color will never fade

Another benefit of granite countertops is that they don't depreciate in value and maintain their look and feel for many years. The natural surface can take on a luminous effect with crystals from various other stones embedded in the slab. Plus it's sanitary and bacterial resistant and easy to clean with soap and warm water.

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