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A Family Legacy of Craftsmanship and Dedication

Artisan Stoneworks was founded by Charlie Klose, a passionate craftsman who had a vision to create exceptional countertops that elevate living spaces. For many years, Charlie has poured his heart and soul into the business, ensuring that every project reflects the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Over time, Artisan Stoneworks has become synonymous with excellence and has garnered a loyal customer base that appreciates the personalized attention and unparalleled results.

As a family-owned and operated business, Artisan Stoneworks understands the importance of nurturing relationships and maintaining a strong connection with its clients. This core value has been the foundation of the company's success and continues to guide its operations today.

Now entering its second generation, Artisan Stoneworks is led by Steve Klose, Charlie's son, who has been working alongside his father ever since he could hold a trowel. Growing up in the business, Steve has developed a deep understanding of the industry and a keen eye for detail. Under his leadership, the company continues to uphold the same commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction that has defined Artisan Stoneworks since its inception.

As Charlie begins to phase out of the business, Steve carries on the legacy with the same passion and dedication that his father instilled in him. With a team of skilled artisans and craftsmen, Artisan Stoneworks is committed to providing the finest countertop solutions that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each client.

At Artisan Stoneworks, we take immense pride in our family heritage and the strong values that have shaped our business. As we continue to grow, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver exceptional quality and service that exceeds expectations, ensuring that every customer feels like part of the Artisan Stoneworks family.

Join us on our journey to create stunning and functional living spaces that stand the test of time.

Join us on our journey to create stunning and functional living spaces that stand the test of time.

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